Pacific Culture International

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Past Winners

Rosie Zhang
First Runner-up, 2013 Pacific Miss Asian American
School/University: University of Maryland School of Medicine
Title/Company: M.D. Candidate, Class of 2016
I have thoroughly enjoyed using this pageant as a platform to make a difference in the healthcare of the Asian American community through our many media, modelling, and stage appearances. As a future healthcare professional with love for my culture, I understand the cultural, language, and economic barriers that Asian immigrants and citizens often face when trying to attain even their basic health needs. During my year as a titleholder, I have had the chance to give geriatric healthcare presentations in medical Chinese to the senior citizens of CCACC daycare center and to the under-served Asian community, in addition to many other events. I hope to continue to connect with aspiring students and physicians, so that together, we can address the health needs of our community.

Patty Yao
Winner, 2010 DC Miss Chinese American
School/University: George Mason University
Title/Company: Business Consultant
Achievements: Director of Candidates - Beta Alpha Psi, member of Accounting Honors Program
I have became a more well-rounded person through attending many events, learned the etiquette, and gained more confidence. Most importantly, I was able to challenge myself , and extend my potential. I signed up for the pageant because I knew that public speaking had been my weakness, and I wanted to conquer my fear. The pageant provided us with many opportunities to give speeches in the public. I would get very nervous before each speech and always wanted to dig a hole and hide myself. However, instead of shying away from my weakness, I kept on encouraging and pushing myself to stand through each event. I was very proud of myself for making it this far and being able to conquer my weakness. Besides improving and shaping myself, I have also made many friends and I truly treasure our friendships and memories.

Serena Shiyun Lin
First Runner-up, 2010 DC Miss Chinese American
School/University: 2nd Year Graduate School, Master's Degree (May, 2011) American University
Title/Company: Research Associate at The Center for Research on Collaboratories and Technology Enhanced Learning Communities, joint research center by the Syracuse University and American University
The Pageant allows me to reach wider audience and strengthened my bonding with the Chinese American community here in Washington, D.C. I got to do extensive community service and meet and greet many inspiring figures and leaders from all walks of society.

Kathy Shi
Second Runner-up, 2010 DC Miss Chinese American
School/University: Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology
Achievements: Miss Chinese American Second Runner Up
Participating in this pageant has changed me in so many ways; it's really helped me to grow as a person. I have gained so much more confidence and experience with things like interacting with others and public speaking, which are all skills that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. Moreover, being a part of this pageant has helped me to become more active in my Chinese community. This is definitely an experience that I will remember for the rest of my life.

Kathy Liu
Winner, 2008 DC Miss Chinese American
School/University: Baltimore University
It is hard to believe that two years have already passed, I have fulfilled my duty as the first Washington Chinese American beauty queen. From Chinatown parades and countless banquets, I have loved performing and spreading Chinese culture all across the Metropolitan area. These cherished moments will remain in my heart forever. These opportunities blessed me with confidence, elegance, and charm that I never knew I had. I will only continue further along my life's path to fulfill my aspirations and reach my goals. I hope I will serve as an inspiration to every young girl out there, if you truly believe and hold no doubt in your mind, you can achieve everything you want in this world. Never give up and never lose faith in your dreams.

Sandra J. Wu
First Runner-up, 2008 DC Miss Chinese American
School/University: B.A. Elliott School of International Affairs, The George Washington University, 2005; J.D., The Columbus School of Law, The Catholic University, 2010
Title/Company: Attorney / U.S. Government
Achievements: Obtaining my law degree
Since becoming a titleholder of the 2008 pageant, the Chinese community in DC has shown me so much love and support. I have been blessed with numerous opportunities to participate in events sharing China's wonderful culture and history with the world. I hope to give back to the community that I love by using my law license to improve the position of Chinese Americans throughout the country.

Tingting Chen
Second Runner-up, 2008 DC Miss Chinese American
School/University: University of Maryland, Robert Smith School of Business
Title/Company: CPA / Senior In-Charge, KPMG LLP
Achievements: 2006 Miss Chinese Cosmos (Eloquence award), 2007 Miss New York Chinese (1st Runner-up), 2008 Miss Chinese American (2nd Runner-up), 2009 American Run Way Competition (Audience Popularity award)
Participating in this pageant was a very good experience for me. It not only helped me reach out to D.C. Chinese community and be a part of the volunteerism that we strongly promote, it also helped me further improve my social/networking ability which is an essential skill to have at professional work environment.