Pacific Culture International

: Committee

2019 Pageant Committee

Excutive Committee board

Chris ZhuPresident and Executive Director
George CheungVice President and General Director
Patricia WattsExecutive Vice President and Marketing Director


Board Directors:Bobby Ly, Shannon Su, Ithara Phlong, Grace Valera
Public Relation:Sophorn Holl, Hailey Wu, Tiffany Zhu
Executive AssistantVicky Mei
Photographer:Jack Yan, Nam Sun Wang
Videographer:Doug Ross, Ian Shen
Website Designer:Mok-Yi Chow
Media Release Writer:Chuanming Wang
Graphic Designer:Poke Yang
Final Event Producer:Washington Chinese Media, Wang-Ross Production
Hair Stylist:Oscar Ou
Pageant Contestant Coordinator:Vicky Mei
Event Coordinator:Stephanie Zhu, Carrie Zhu, Tiffany Zhu