Pacific Culture International

: Committee

2015 Pageant Committee

Excutive Committee board

Chris ZhuPresident and Executive Director
George CheungVice President and General Director
Patricia WattsExecutive Vice President and Marketing Director
Rita LeeProgram Director
Ruyi HeProject Director

Board of Honorary Advisers

Mrs. Anna ChennaultWife of World War II aviation hero Lieutenant General Claire Lee Chennault
Susan LeeMaryland State Delegate, District 16
Mrs. Anita K. TongA direct descendant of fifth-century philosopher Confucius


Public Relation:Bobby Ly ( Vietnamese Community)
David Moon ( Korean Community)
Ray (Philippine Community)
Photographer:James Allen, Rob Morton
Videographer:Doug Ross, Wang Ross Production
Website Designer:Mok-Yi Chow, ZYi Studio
Media Release Writer:Karen Ye
Graphic Designer:Kevin Ng, NGD
Web Marketing Manager:Tim Tran
Final Event Producer:Sean Foster, Efocus
Hair Stylist:Oscar Ou
Pageant Contestant Coordinator:Tingting Chen, Serena Lin
Event Coordinator:Stephanie Zhu, Amy Zhu, Carrie Zhu
Co-Host:Stephanie Zhu, Amy Zhu, Carrie Zhu


The United States-China Association of Commerce
The Coordination Council of Chinese-American
Associations (CCCAA)
Korean American Association
Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce
Taiwan Chamber of Commerce
Virginia Chinese American Chamber of Commerce
XieShen Asoociation (协勝公所)
New World Times
Washington Chinese News
Korean Times
Vietnamese Newspaper
Miss Korean DC Pageant
Miss Vietnam DC Pageant
Miss Philippine DC Teen Pageant
Miss Sunflower Pageant